Our Approach is Different

Building technology requires an intricate balance between form and function. Our experience as both designers and engineers allow us to effecively build products that resonate and delight customers.


Design requires a deep understanding of the customer. So we start each project by conducting user interviews informing our team on the product and we constantly include customers throughout the design process. We test all the assumptions we have and we try and understand how the product experience can be meaningful. After completing our user interviews we share the videos of our interviews with you and discuss the key insights.

With knowledge of the customer we begin working on mocks. We try and keep them as simple as possible to iterate quickly and to ensure we don't get emotionally attached to them. We then test these mocks with customers and provide the mocks to you so you can see how they perform with your customers. Once we agree on the right design approach we start constructing an interactive prototype, which allows us to test the navigation flow and usability. Upon completion, we begin finalizing the high fidelity design assets.


After validating the mocks our engineering team identifies the best technology options to match the project and the development process begins.

Once we have consensus on the protype we begin working on the front-facing part of the experience. With clear understanding and objectives we are able to execute on development quickly and efficiently. Within a couple weeks we are able to share a test version with you and we subsequently update the version weekly until launch.

After finishing each feature we conduct a thorough quality assurance process. We test with all the compatible devices and ensure that the application is reaching all our benchmarks for speed, performance and quality. We add analytics tools to ensure this is measurable. Prior to launch we invite a cohort of users for testing the product. We gather feedback and iron out final details for a smooth launch.

Post Launch

Once the product is on the market there is still a need for additional updates and ongoing maintainance. We set aside time to make sure that every client reaches their goals, and we offer ongoing insight and strategy.